Mitchell Bennis

Mitchell Bennis

I am a Minnesota Wordpress developer, an awesome website platform used on millions of websites worldwide. I also design and develop new websites and web applications, manage current sites and apps for my existing clients, and provide specialized graphic design and video editing services, mainly for my former employer.

My current focus is on my Wordpress plugin; Simple File List It allows website owners to place an easily customizable list of manageable, shareable files on their website. I offer 14 languages, and the opportunity to interact with folks from far-away-lands has been very rewarding. Thank you Google Translate!

Beyond my career, I enjoy the outdoors (especially ice fishing), home improvement projects, and long road trips in my Mustang. I enjoy making people laugh, learning new things, mono-space fonts, reading non-fiction, day-old coleslaw, robust conversations and connecting with friends from around the world.

My (kinda old) Resume

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